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Terms / Conditions / Limits of Liability

PAYMENT FOR SERVICES: AA Window and Gutter Cleaning collects payment at the time of service by credit/debit card or check. Payment by any other terms must be arranged prior to service with the office. Late fees are imposed on accounts after 10 days.

ORAL CONTRACTS: It is customary in our industry to discuss, agree, and come to terms over the telephone or in person. Our staff uses standardized language to describe our services and record notes from these conversations in order to schedule and dispatch technicians. If requested, we are happy to email these details to you for clarification.

WINDOW CLEANING is performed by trained technicians with professional tools and conventional methods. Window cleaning is generally defined as wetting the surface of the glass, scrubbing it with a mop and cleaning solution, and then using a squeegee on the surface. Pollution, hard water stains, building run-off and corrosion can reduce the clarity of glass, and this clarity cannot be restored by these conventional cleaning methods.

CONSTRUCTION, REMODELING, PAINTING, AND OTHER DEBRIS and/or abrasive materials on the customer’s property will often leave windows with significant debris upon the glass that requires the use of a mop, squeegee, and razor blades to clear. Quick & Clear, Inc., doing business as “AA Window and Gutter Cleaning”, uses industry standard tools manufactured specifically for professional window cleaners and uses those tools in a professional manner. Most customers are elated with their clean windows, but occasionally some scratches are discovered after the windows are clean and able to be seen through clearly. The expense of repairing or replacing these windows presents such a liability that AA Window and Gutter Cleaning chooses not to work for Customers who will not indemnify and hold harmless AA Window and Gutter Cleaning.

STORM WINDOWS are removable panels of glass installed over the original windows for added insulation purposes. In order to clean these windows, it is necessary to remove, clean and put back the storm panel. There is a risk of the glass cracking in the process of lifting, prying and pulling in order to loose the window from the frame. AA Window and Gutter Cleaning staff has been cleaning these storm windows for many years with relatively few incidents of breakage and most often there is a favorable outcome. Occasionally there is a window that does crack during the removal process or reinstallation. The expense of repairing or replacing these windows presents such a liability that AA Window and Gutter Cleaning chooses not to work for Customers who will not indemnify and hold harmless AA Window and Gutter Cleaning.

GUTTER CLEANING is performed with the intent to satisfy the industry standard of clearing debris from gutters and downspouts to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater from roof areas. In addition to safety gear, we often use hand tools, blowers, and/or a water hose to effectively remove debris that is blocking the gutter. In areas that are directly in the view of the homeowner (i.e., gutters below an upstairs window or a low gutter along a sidewalk) we will endeavor to raise the standard to improve the homeowner’s view of the interior of the gutter. Trying to accommodate this “aesthetic view” standard in all gutters is counterproductive to homeowner’s interests in the areas of economic cost and water conservation. In addition to these areas, if we wash the inside of the gutters, it is possible to wash grit and fine debris down the drains that would not otherwise end up in the underground drain system.

AA Window and Gutter Cleaning CAN ONLY GUARANTEE that your gutters will be completely clear on the day that we clean them. Gutter cleaning is a task that needs to be done periodically to prevent water from overflowing the gutters in ways other than the natural design of the gutters. How often this gutter cleaning should occur is a function of how many trees are around your home and your budget. Due to the constant changes in weather and large amounts of organic debris that are in our environment, debris can enter a gutter and clog downspouts on any given day.

SOLAR PANEL CLEANING We use a system of 100% pure water cleaning that leaves the polar panels spotless and streak free. We use a soft brush and deionized water to gently scrub the top surface of the solar panels. We don’t use any chemicals that could hurt or damage the solar panels.