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Choose our environmentally friendly window washing service to clean the inside, outside or both sides of your windows in Portland. You can also choose to have us clean only your most prominent windows, providing you the beauty of consistently clean windows without the cost of cleaning your entire home. Our courteous, friendly experts will quickly have your windows and skylights sparkling clean, letting in more light, and improving the look and feel of your home.

We work hard to provide our technicians with the tools and training to safely access difficult areas and take great care of your home. We use professional grade extension ladders with stabilizer bars and leg levelers, as well as first-class fall protection equipment.

When we clean your windows we use professional window cleaning tools. Most commonly we use a mop and squeegee and clean the windows by hand. Our technicians may choose to clean your exterior windows with a Pure Water Cleaning system. Pure Water Cleaning uses deionized water and a soft brush to scrub down your windows and leave them sparkling.

Call us at (503) 828-1605 for a phone estimate and schedule a window cleaning service for your home in the Portland area. Our technician will show up on time and complete the work leaving your windows sparkling clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AA Window and Gutter Cleaning offers affordable services to keep windows sparkling clean. Most commonly we use a mop and squeegee and clean the windows by hand.

Our technicians may choose to clean your exterior windows with a Pure Water Cleaning system. Call (503) 828-1605 for a free estimate for your home in Portland!

AA Window and Gutter Cleaning offers affordable services to keep windows sparkling clean. Hiring a professional ensures your investment will be worth the cost. Our technicians show up happy to help you get your windows clean. Call (503) 828-1605 for a free estimate for your home in Portland!

It is a personal decision, but clean windows let light in the house and can help chase away the blues in Portland. We think a great schedule is to clean outside windows once a quarter and inside whenever they start to look like they need it.

You do not need to be home when we are cleaning windows on the outside of your house. When we are cleaning the inside windows, our technicians will follow all appropriate health and safety guidelines, and we will cover all the details over the phone when we set the appointment.

For interior window cleaning, please remove any valuable items from the window sills. It is also helpful to move big furniture away from the windows and to draw the shades so we have full access to each window. For exterior window cleaning, it is helpful to move any outdoor furniture that might block our access to your windows. It can also be helpful to remove the window screens before we arrive, though this is not required.

We’ll call or text on the way to your home in Greater Portland. You don’t need to be home for outside work, but we’ll knock on the door to greet you either way. We’ll let you know if we have questions for you or if your home could benefit from any additional services. When finished, we will come to the door to chat before we leave. We can answer any other questions you may have, let you know if we encountered anything unusual while we worked, and offer recommendations for a service schedule going forward. 

The guy who cleaned our windows did a fantastic job, probably the best job we’ve ever had done.

John P

The windows look great. Thank you!

Jennifer W

I want to tell Josiah what a fantastic job he did today. I greatly appreciate how helpful, professional, and thorough you are with the window and gutter cleaning!

David N

Everything went great. My windows look great.

karen S

Joey did a really great job and the windows looks good, and it rained the yesterday. Everything flowed perfectly through the gutters and downspouts.

Ed F

The windows look great and I have already gotten compliments on how clean the roof is!

Sandy G

The roof and window cleaning went really well. The person that you sent out was extremely confident and knowledgeable we would absolutely use you again.

Kevin G

The roof cleaning and window cleaning services performed were as expected. Your tech was polite and very helpful and performed the task safely.

Dennis R

Windows gleam; roof looks great; no one fell off the roof; no destroyed landscaping; no mess to clean up afterward!

Marsi T

The service was great. My windows look pretty. Ryan was a personable and efficient fellow.

Susan H

My windows and gutters look great. Zack was very nice, he’s a very happy guy in his work and it shows.

Mary B

Those boys were great, and they did a very good job. They pointed out the things on the inside that needed to be done. They were very respectful and were careful with my windows.

Dolores M

It was such a pleasure to have Michael in my home taking care of the window cleaning. He did a phenomenal job Tell Michael he is the MAN!

Francine C

The window cleaning service was great. I didn’t think my windows were that dirty but when you look at them now, I’m just floored. They look beautiful!

Ana M

Mike was the nicest young man. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work he did cleaning our roof, gutters, and windows.

Wilbert B

He did a great job cleaning windows and seemed like a nice kid. We will contact you next spring after the birds are done with their nesting process.

Karen R

AA first cleaned the interior of all our windows. Then got all the leaves and branches off our roof, cleaned the gutters and ran water through our downspout system.

Cheryl V

Ryan did a fantastic job. He was just wonderful. The windows look great and the birds can’t come back! I’ll send your name out to others.

Dennis C

The job went well. I was a little surprised that it all took so long. It looks great, the windows especially. roof looks good as well. Luke was great!

Susan J

Everything looks great. Professional window cleaning service. Ryan took care of everything I asked for and offered additional service I didn’t even know I needed.

Jeremie L

Everything looks great. I will be back in Spring to have my windows cleaned and also for future cleanings of gutters and roof!

Kay M

Everything went really well and the roof, gutters, and windows all look great. He did a good job communicating the work.

Sonia R

You did a great job, the windows have never been so clean.

Rogene B

Josh did an excellent job! Very flexible and very thorough! He was very sensitive to my needs and did a great job cleaning inside windows working around the curtains.

Merilyn H

He cleaned the roof better than anyone who’s previously done that job his window cleaning was perfect. Windows are spotless, immaculate in cleaning up debris

Robert C

The window cleaning was wonderful! He was a pleasure to have! Everythinkg worked out great! I love looking through clean windows!

Cori J

He did windows inside and out and the gutters and we would like to give him an atta boy We appreciate everything he did for us today.

Roger W

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