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Solar Panel Cleaning
Wedgwood, WA

Solar panels are a great way to curb energy costs and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Regular solar panel cleaning is integral to maintaining your system in Wedgwood.

Keeping solar panels clean maximizes the amount of sunlight that can reach the solar cells. Over time, bird droppings, pollen, and dust can accumulate and become baked-on, creating a barrier for the sun and making the solar panels less efficient.

We use deionized water and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub and rinse solar panels. Many solar panel manufacturers require maintenance in order to preserve the warranty, so regular cleaning is a good way to protect your investment. Consider our Recurring Maintenance Program to put your solar panel cleaning on auto-pilot so you don’t have to think about it.

When cleaning solar panels, safety is always a priority. Our technicians have premium safety equipment and are professionally trained to use safe practices when working on roofs.

Call us at (425) 821-3814 for a phone estimate and schedule solar panel cleaning for your home in the Wedgwood area. Our technician will show up on time, complete the work requested, and do a great job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AA Window and Gutter Cleaning offers affordable services to keep solar panels clean and working well. We use deionized water and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub and rinse solar panels.

Regular solar panel cleaning is a good way to protect your investment. Call (425) 821-3814 for a free estimate for your home in Wedgwood!

Some roofing materials are more fragile than others and we are very familiar with the different types of material and proper methods for walking on them.

The real answer to this is that allowing debris and moss to accumulate on your roof does much more damage than carefully walking on the roof to maintain it. We will certainly assess your roof and determine our ability to work safety, and your roofs ability to sustain our walking on it.

We start out by hiring people with a natural talent toward working on uneven surfaces. We hired GRAVITEC to supply and train our technicians in the use of fall protection equipment (ropes and harnesses). In addition, we use high quality ladders with leg levelers and stabilizer bars and Korkers® brand safety sandals for traction on slippery roofs.

You do not need to be home when we are cleaning your solar panels. We will cover all the details over the phone when we set the appointment.

We’ll call or text on the way to your home in Wedgwood. You don’t need to be home for outside work, but we’ll knock on the door to greet you either way. We’ll let you know if we have questions for you or if your home could benefit from any additional services. When finished, we will come to the door to chat before we leave. We can answer any other questions you may have, let you know if we encountered anything unusual while we worked, and offer recommendations for a service schedule going forward. 

I’m happy to be on your regular schedule for once a year solar panel cleaning and get them cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Tyler M

We get the solar panels cleaned once a year. They get a little mossy over the winter, and dusty in the summer since we live on a dirt road. The tech was professional and friendly.

Mark K

The work Tim did looks amazing. He was so thorough, so kind. The solar panels look great. There was a lot of pollen on there, and it’s a fantastic value-add.

Amy H